The ERASMUS + ToB3 strategic partnership project promotes the exchange of practices and skills development between actors in the construction sector engaged in both :

  • The emergence of a circular economy in the building industry ;
  • The development of an open BIM and digital tools designed to streamline working relationships and foster collaboration ;
  • Approaches to bring these two issues closer together.

All ToB3 partners are active in the transition of their territory or their profession towards work and training methods guaranteeing a high level of environmental performance of the building, from its design to its deconstruction.

Shared vision and guidelines

A territory, a sector of activity, a professional practice increases its resilience by developing its capacities to:

  • Reduce debt >> reduce its ecological footprint: reuse, reuse or recycle.
  • Maintain natural capital >> prioritize the use of natural materials by guaranteeing the renewal of the resource.
  • Increase intellectual and methodological capital >> preserve and develop expertise and know-how, all trades combined.
  • Increase social capital >> strengthen interactions and cooperation between local actors, promote the flow of information and the sharing of experience.

Objectives of ToB3

  • Promote professional trainers and practices in circular architecture.
  • Improve our construction processes to achieve a high level of quality.
  • Promote constructive methods based on:

>> Information sharing, data consistency and interoperability.

>> Collaborative processes expressing the full potential of each actor, at all stages of the project.

>> A holistic vision of the building as an object in continuous transformation, from its conception to its construction until its deconstruction.

>> Promote the emergence of re-use and the use of bio-sourced and local materials.