The University of Calabria, classified by Censis as a medium-sized public university, welcomes 30,000 students, 800 professors and 780 administrative staff. It has a liaison office with numerous units which prepare European projects.

Today there are 14 departments and five departments of the Faculty of Engineering. The departments offer 88 courses, including 32 cycle1, 43 cycle2 and 13 of cycle3 in the following fields: arts, Engineering and architecture, geography and geology, human sciences, languages and philology, mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, political sciences and social sciences, communication and information, design, law, economics and management, pharmacy.

The University of Calabria has put in place the appropriate strategies for the development of its international activities, by active participation in a number of European education and training programs, the development of partnerships with other universities and foreign institutions , even in non-European countries. There are around 300 interinstitutional partnerships with other universities, more than 700 contacts with companies and training establishments for Erasmus and a significant number of protocols from research institutes and other organizations from third countries.

The Faculty of Engineering and the Calabria Region are developing the pilot project “Sustainable social housing”.

The Civil Engineering Department offer a master’s degree in BIM (Building Information Modelling).