Emilie Gobbo lecture

The FEDER funded BBSM project aims to demonstrate that end-of-life materials are resources and that their reintroduction into the cyclical process is positive for the sustainable development of the Brussels-Capital Region: it considers the region as an urban mine, where materials in buildings could maintain their value.The presentation focuses on one part of the project: the analysis of the impact of different energy retrofit scenarios on material stocks and flows. These scenarios can directly influence the nature and quantity of the materials used (inflows) and discarded (outflows) by upgrading or renewing the existing building stock. They can also lead to different environmental impacts and vary the embodied potential (through reuse or recycling) of resources. The overall objective is to inform, sensitize, and lead various stakeholders to responsible and conscious choices when retrofitting a building by adding concerns of resources efficiency while focusing on reducing energy demands.

BIM GAME EVENT : BIM & Sustainbility – Brussels building: a source of new materials