The annual report made by OICE (the main association of engineering and architecture organizations in Italy) tells that in Italy in 2019 the BIM tender notices increased of 58,7% in number, and that the amount of engineering and architecture services increased of 20,1%.

All this means that BIM is essential in the market of public construction.

In the last five years the number of the BIM tender notices is growing rapidly. In 2015 we had only 4 tender notices; in 2016 they were 26; in 2017 they reached the number of 83 and in 2018 there was a truly explosion: 302. In 2019 this trend was confirmed, in fact the tender notices were 478.

201783€ 30.471.303
2018302€ 291.526.814
2019478€ 296.317.150
Tender notices with BIM requests

Considering the percentage of tender notices of Architecture and Engineering Services (AES) with BIM we can see that they represent the 8% of the total; but if we consider the amount they represent the 19,7%.

YearBIM tender notices numberTotal AES tender notices number% BIM tender notices
BIM tender notices percentage
YearBIM tender notices amountTotal AES tender notices amount% BIM tender notices
BIM tender notices amount percentage

Territorial distribution

The distribution of BIM tender notices compared to the territory shows a preponderance of the southern regions with a number of 128 calls representing 26,8% of the total.

North – West7415,5%
North – East9419,7%
Territorial distribution of BIM tender notices in 2019

Types of intervention

Considering the type of interventions of the BIM tender notices, it’s possible to observe the confirmation of the trend of previous years towards the restructuring and restoration of the existing infrastructural patrimony, which represent 63.4% of the total.

Intervention typeNumberPercentage
New realization16434,3%
Not classifiable112,3%
BIM tender notices by intervention type in 2019
BIM Report 2019 (Italy)