Charlotte Dautremont1 *, Charlélie Dagnelie2, Sylvie Jancart1

1LNA, Faculty of Architecture, University of Liège, Belgium

2QUERCUS Architecture


Circularity, BIM6D, Sustainable Architecture, Reuse


For thirty years, sustainable architecture has focused on the energy performance of buildings and on energy savings. Today, other economic models are being studied and the linear model will rub shoulders with the circular model in a few years. For mainly environmental and economic reasons, the company is regaining interest in reuse and the circular economy. At the same time, the collaborative BIM process is changing the workflow of those involved in construction. This article is part of a research on the relationship between the circularity of (and in) architecture and the BIM process. Through it, we want to identify ways to include this model in the daily practice of architects thanks to BIM while taking into account the brakes and levers linked to the latter.

Full article:

BIM6D as a lever for a circular architecture